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What Color is my Aura? A Guide to What Each Color Means and How to Find Yours

What Color is my Aura A Guide to What Each Color Means and How to Find Yours

If you’ve ever been in the presence of someone and they seem to light up an entire room, you are feeling their auric presence. The same can be said for someone that is noticeably depressed. That’s the thing about auras. They can change at the drop of a hat. However, some spend years positively working on their aura. These people will have a stronger energetic presence when you are near them.

Everything in the universe is constantly vibrating. As humans, we are energetic beings that radiate energy in everything we do, say, think, or feel. A combination of these things is what makes up your aura. Whether you can see someone’s aura or not, you can most likely feel the energy they radiate into the world.

Those that can see auras will likely see all sorts of colors. Energy vibrates at different frequencies, and some are stronger than others. As a result, different color auras emerge. Some people show only one color, while most people can radiate multiple colors at any given time. Before you can try to see an aura, you must first have a basic understanding of what they are and what the different colors mean. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is An Aura?

What Is An Aura
What Is An Aura

To put it simply, an aura is an energetic field that surrounds the physical human body. It is considered the subtle body because it is always with you, a part of you. Energy is not something that can be created or destroyed, only recycled. Your aura acts the same way.

It’s possible for your aura to become muddy and literally dark in color. When this happens, you are likely hiding yourself from the world in more ways than one. When you aren’t true to who you are, for whatever reason, your energetic field suffers. In turn, you might feel as though it is nearly impossible to accomplish your dreams.

In reality, even your wildest dreams are within close reach. That is why they are your dreams. You are here to accomplish all of them, and it starts with your aura.

Aside from the different auric colors, there are seven different auric layers. Each within a person’s energetic or auric field that comes together to produce their aura.

These seven layers include:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Astral
  • Etheric
  • Celestial Body
  • Causal Body

For many people, their aura isn’t as strong because not all of their auric layers are lit up. Maybe they haven’t done the work to open up that connection with the divine energies of the universe. In that case, some of the auric fields won’t show a strong color because the energy flow is weak in those areas. Nonetheless, everyone still has an aura, whether they are aware of it or not.

The first three auric layers are the easiest to spot because they are closest to the body. That is also why some people claim that a person has more than one aura. The person still only has one aura, but it has seven different layers that can each produce their own color vibration.

Scientifically speaking, there are a few studies on the subject of auras. They compare auras to what scientists now call synesthesia. Synesthesia is something that occurs in the brain. It’s when the sensory receptors are inner-connected within the brain. It is because of this that people claim to see sound and hear colors.

Emotional synesthesia is the ability to see another person’s energy/mood. Their energy is portrayed as a color. This oftentimes happens because the person tells you how they’re doing. This type of synesthesia essentially recognizes and validates a person’s ability to see auras.

When you think of auras, think of the frequency of colors. Each color has its own frequency. Red is the lowest, and purple is the color with the highest frequency. The frequency level of any given person will translate into the color that matches that frequency. Below are the ten different colors a person might see when looking at someone’s aura.

The Aura Colors and Their Meanings

The Aura Colors and Their Meanings
The Aura Colors and Their Meanings

As mentioned above, the aura color is directly related to the frequency the person energetically vibrates at. In the same sense, the more energy the person puts towards that frequency, the brighter the auric color. To continue, the more spiritually in-tune the person is, the larger the auric field will be. Some auras you can’t help but notice because the person has so much energy radiating from them, it’s nearly impossible not to see.

It can be difficult to decipher someone’s true aura at first because of all the different layers the aura has. Perhaps the hardest part about seeing an aura isn’t seeing it but learning to read it. The below ten colors are the only true colors to exist within the seven auric layers. Three of the ten colors are actually only a combination of the other seven colors. But when you are trying to learn how to see auras, the colors in the list below are the only colors to look for, contrary to what you might read somewhere else.


Red is the lowest frequency color on the spectrum. This means it is also the closest in relation to the earth and the physical plane. Because of this, it is related to adrenaline junkies and those that put a lot of effort into how they look and the material world.

People with a red aura might initially come off as extremely healthy people because they work out a lot or have toned or bulky muscles. However, they must not be confused with the nutritionists that radiated a green aura. People with a red aura cannot necessarily heal with the power of herbs, plants, and food like green aura people can.


Those with an orange aura are often referred to as child-like. They are charismatic and affectionate and love to be in the presence of others. It is also the color of good health and vitality. Having an orange aura is more common than it used to be. Especially now that more people are realizing their true nature and living creatively.


Yellow is the vibrant color of awakening and inspiration. Those that radiate yellow are often intelligent and optimistic. It is also known as the bossy aura. Most of those that hold a position of power will have yellow auras. Think managers, politicians, principals, and even mothers; these are all people you’ll see with yellow as the primary color.


The color green is notorious for healers. Whether it is a doctor, nurse, veterinarian, or an alternative and holistic healer, you’ll see a vibrant green colored aura on these people. Sometimes a person is a healer without even knowing it. Maybe they’re a writer and use their words as a method of healing the soul. Whatever it may be, this person is usually quite calm and serene. They often seem wiser than most and wear the badge of an “old soul” with honor.


Blue is the second-highest frequency color on the spectrum and is often the aura of highly intuitive and spiritual people. These people make great listeners as well that always seem to have the best advice. Typically, blue aura people are naturally creative and artistic in some way. They likely live their lives a little differently than most because they try to be creative in all they do.

Communication is definitely their strongest suit, so think public speakers, singers, and writers.


Violet is the color most closely associated with divine energy. It is the highest frequency color, and therefore the farthest away from earth or the closest to the divine (other than white). Many of those that radiate violet are extremely open-minded and progressive because they can see more to life than the material world. Sometimes, people of this nature will have a hard time acclimating to society because they seemingly (or quite literally) live with their heads in another realm.

Most of those with a violet aura have an open and developed third eye. Some even adopt and hone in on certain psychic abilities as well, like the five Clair senses.


Pink isn’t itself a color, rather a mixture of red and violet. However, it is worth mentioning because it is a rare color to see in a person’s aura. You will likely never see it as a dominant color, only just a spot or flash in the overall aura. Regardless, it indicates the person has developed the ability to live a perfectly balanced life between the material world and the spiritual world.

If you think about it, this is something that is a lot harder done than said. That is why it is so rare to see it in someone’s aura. So rare that it’s definitely worth noting if you spot it in someone else’s one day!


White is usually only perceived a few feet above the body extending from the third eye because it naturally resides in the sixth auric layer. It is extremely rare to see this in someone as it is only seen in highly evolved angelic or prophetic people. To give you an example, Gandhi, Jesus, and Mother Theresa are the only widely known people to have had a white aura.

It is more common to see a person with undertones of white rather than a purely white aura.


Gold radiates from the seventh layer and is the closest in connection to the divine energy source of the universe. Everyone has gold in their aura, but most people are unable to tap into the energy readily available to them through this avenue. It takes someone who has devoted their life to spirituality and growth along with years of integrating that lifestyle into their life.

Chances are when you meet someone with a golden aura, you immediately feel at home and respected when with them.

Muddy: Brown or Black

Anytime you see someone’s aura, and it seems muddy or fogged over, it’s because there is some sort of negative energy muffling their true nature. Maybe the person is scared to be themselves, or they are hiding something. Auras also become muddy when people lie and try to manipulate others.

How to See Auras

How to See Auras
How to See Auras

Seeing auras isn’t as out of reach as it might initially seem. It takes immense self-discovery first, though. A person cannot truly see the aura of others until they have mastered the self and where their feelings end. It is common to project your aura onto someone else when you first start learning to see and read them.

The easiest way to learn to see auras is by first trying to see your own. You can do so by stepping into a bathroom that preferably has white walls. Colored walls could interfere with your ability to distinguish what color your own aura is.

Then stare at yourself in the mirror, just above your head. If you can, try to relax your vision, so you are still staring, but everything becomes blurry. Try standing there for a few minutes and enter into a meditative state.

You should soon start to see colors wave into your vision. They might not appear directly in front of you. Instead, you might see them in your front, side, or bottom peripherals. Don’t try to chase the colors! Let them flow freely as they may. You will soon start to see your energetic body form around your physical body.

Once you get better at this, you can try to see your friends’ auras as well. First, ask them to stand in front of a white wall so you can practice deciphering their aura from your own against a white background. Once you’ve mastered this, you can practice seeing the auras of strangers on the street. Soon, it will become second nature to you!

To see great examples of auras caught on film, click here.

It is important to note that your aura color is not permanent. It is actually the exact opposite of permanent. Energy is constantly flowing, which means your aura is constantly changing. That said, people do not make constant or tremendous changes to their lifestyle often, so most of the time, a person’s aura will generally be the same.

It is when the aura seems to dim or flicker out or become muddy that things should be a cause for concern. Still, with a little self-love and relaxation, the aura can clear right out and strengthen up once again.

The world of auras and aura reading is a vast world that has yet to be fully uncovered. All the world currently knows for sure is that some people are highly sensitive to sensory reception and do, in fact, have the ability to sense the emotional well-being of others. Regardless, it can’t be denied that humans are energetic beings. That said, the ability to see that energy shouldn’t seem so far fetched because, with a little practice, anyone can develop this ability!

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